URTL Playoffs- The iS Edition!

After a long grueling path through the regular season of the UnderRated Team League, which truly is underrated, the playoffs have finally begun!
Infinity Seven trudged through a tough Group B in the regular season, ending with a 7-3 record and placing 3rd. Good enough for the playoffs but certainly not good enough to satisfy the team. The playoffs began with a rather interesting matchup for us in week one as we came up against the eSuba Academy team. eSuba is a Czech progaming team, and their Academy team has some very good players on it. So how did we do?

Game 1: iS.Binski vs eSuba.Blackbirds TvP

Blackbirds ended up opening with a quick DT expand build, but Binski would scout out the Dark Shrine with plenty of time to prepare detection and deflect the DTs with minimal losses, after the failed tech Binski would use his advantage to pick apart the Protoss in classic Terran fashion before driving the army into the Protoss base and ending the game, bringing iS ahead 1-0.

Game 2: iS.Binski vs eSuba.MisterWinter TvP

In his second TvP in a row Binski would play out quite a game against MisterWinter. After a quick inbase stargate oracle play hitting at the same time binski went out for a drop, neither of which did truly any damage. The early aggression trading would continue, as Binski’s drop would deny mining from MisterWinter’s natural, but MisterWinter would break up Binski’s natural ramp with quite a number of stalkers. Binski would pull scv’s to hold but lose a staggering 16 of them. The game would then evolve into a fairly standard TvP, with Binski dropping to buy himself as much time as possible to recover. He would almost succeed, bringing the supplies back into his favour, but the final colossal fight would happen just seconds before Binski’s 2-2 finished. While waiting for those upgrades Binski would get caught in a choke and lose his army. He couldn’t reinforce quickly enough and as MisterWinter hit his production binski would tap out of the game making it 1-1 for the match.

Game 3: iS.KoMA vs eSuba.MisterWinter TvP

In the third consecutive TvP of the day the kid known as KoMA would come out to challenge MisterWinter and try to avenge his Terran brother Binski. MisterWinter would look for extreme greed, expanding directly into double forge play, chronoing out his upgrades as quickly as possible. MisterWinter would rely on swells of gateway units and heavily upgraded chargelots to stay alive, but KoMA would effectively pick him apart, eventually killing MisterWinter’s third while sniping some tech in the main with massive drops. As KoMA moved the rest of his army out to the middle of the map to join up with his drops MisterWinter would decide he needed to attack after losing his base and would find half of KoMA’s army in the middle of the map just seconds before it was joined by the 5-6 medivacs full of units coming back from destroying MisterWinter’s base. Unfortunately the halves of KoMA’s army could not stand up to the upgraded chargelots and storm and KoMA would unluckily drop the game leaving iS behind 1-2 in the match.

Game 4: iS.Sanddbox vs eSuba.MisterWinter ZvP

With the TvPs finally over iS would send out Sanddbox in hopes of stopping MisterWinter in his tracks before he got out of hand. Sanddbox would slowly zerg up the map, expanding and pushing out creep with lines of static defense and swarmhosts to make his positions unassailable. There were a few moments of suspense as zealot/blink stalker runbys would put several bases in jeopardy, but overall given MisterWinter’s colossus-less midgame he just could not trade with the swarm hosts efficiently enough, and when Sanddbox got his broodlords out he would finally break the Protoss with hordes of free units to tie the match back up for iS.

Game 5: iS.Sanddbox vs eSuba.Mijime ZvZ

Mijime would come out for eSuba Academy to see how comfortable Sanddbox was in ZvZ. Mijime would actually put together quite the scary attack, hitting early with 10 roaches and 12 banelings at a time when Sanddbox was waiting for his Spire to finish and had only 2 roaches and 2 banelings out on the map. The attack however would be largely stuffed by reinforcements by Sanddbox, but he would be forced to allow 8 banelings into his main. An absolutely beautiful presplit on his drones would greatly lower the amount of damage done by the 8 banelings, as they would only kill about 6-8 drones, not nearly enough to bring the economy back to even. Sanddbox would capitalize on this economic lead as his spire finished by making just a singular muta and flying it straight in to snipe an overlord. Mijime would overreact to an incredible degree, building 6 spore crawlers around the map, further handicapping his economy, before Sanddbox would quickly tech into roach hydra infestor with upgrades and use his superior economy to just overwhelm his opponent. As his opponent tapped out Sanddbox would know he was just one win away from finishing the match.

Game 6: iS.Sanddbox vs eSuba.Wanty

In the sixth game of the match Sanddbox would get to show off his ZvT, the only matchup he hadn’t shown yet. After a fairly standard opening 10 minutes to this ZvT as things played out fairly normally, the only ‘odd’ thing being Wanty opting for Hellbats over widow mines out of his factory after the original 6 or so hellions. Wanty’s hellions would find a tasty 16 drone kills before falling at the 11 minute mark. With economies even and the terran on 3 bases things looked somewhat iffy for Sanddbox as he attempted to put together his ling bling muta force. However after deflecting drops throughout the game with little to no damage Sanddbox would eventually just be more cost efficient than his Terran opponent, and he would retain his mutas well as the infestor and hive tech came out, tech which would never be used as his classic zerg force of ling bling muta would eventually just kill the terran units faster than they could be produced and would then smash right through the terran base defenses for the win. Sanddbox would celebrate his 3kill and infinity Seven would celebrate our 4-2 win in the first round of the playoffs.

Immediately looking ahead we would find ourselves with a week to prepare for our next opponents, FXO.NA. We are very excited for what should be an epic showdown of NA talent between iS and FXO.NA which would be streamed TODAY on at 9 pm eastern time (6 pacific!).

Please make sure to tune in for some awesome games from some of the best NA players around, and give a cheer for iS!

iS Hwaiting!

If you’d like to watch the VoD of our match vs eSuba, you can find it ! 

Infinity Seven Wrapup

Hello there Starcraft 2 enthusiasts one and all! Infinity Seven has been extremely busy the last few weeks, as have most other SC2 teams and fans with tons of exciting matches and tournaments played. Here’s a look at how iS did!

MLG Anaheim 2013:
iS had 4 players competing at MLG Anaheim this year. While none of them did poorly, and they even showed some incredible games, all four came out of the weekend feeling that they hadn’t quite shown what they were really capable of.

Player #1 iS.Sanddbox: Sanddbox unfortunately would have quite the rough bracket. After comfortably dispatching LFGSilky 2-0 in his first winner’s round bracket he would move on to face ROOT.YugiOh in the second winner’s round in one of the many iS vs ROOT matches of the weekend. Unfortunately he would fall 0-2 to the skilled Korean zerg in a tense ZvZ. His luck would not get much better as in his first Loser’s bracket match he would again fall 0-2 against a Californian rival in owmygroin. Sanddbox was upset that he never got to show anything but his ZvZ in the tournament but is looking forward to the next chance he gets to show his skills.

Player #2 iS.Tbeezy: Tbeezy, in his “premier tournament” iS debut, would enjoy one of the more interesting bracket runs. Starting off with Chinese/California player Dayal in the first round of winner’s bracket, winning the set 2-0. He would then run up against SEA powerhouse Moonglade and could not hold out against the zerg swarm, dropping to the loser’s bracket with an 0-2 loss. Tbeezy would then switch into a TvT against lowapmuser and win the match 2-0 to advance on to loser’s round 3 and a dreaded matchup against Star Tale’s Golden. After an entertaining 2 games Tbeezy would bow out of the tournament with an 0-2 loss to the Korean.

Player #3 iS.binski: Binski, also debuting for iS in a premier level tournament, would have a stellar weekend of play that ended in a very disappointing result, at least to him. After a rather simple 2-0 win against Nightshade in the first winner’s round Binski would hit ROOT.Sage in the second round. A well known Korean Protoss Powerhouse, Sage is never someone you want to meet so early in a tournament, but binski entered the match hopeful. Unfortunately he lost the match 0-2, though all reports say that scoreline doesn’t do the match justice. Moving into the Loser’s bracket binski was more determined than ever to show what he could do, but would immediately be thrown up against Clarity Gaming’s Dragon, a very popular Korean Terran. This match would show up on the MLG community streams and Binski showed incredibly strong play to convincingly take the first map. However dragon would hit a powerful timing on the second map to take it early. In the third and final map Binski once again showed some incredible play, but dragon matched him at every turn, eventually capitalizing on a small mistake to take an undefendable position and push Binski out of a close and hard-fought match.

Player #4 iS.Tubby: Our most publicized, and entertaining, player over the weekend was easily Tubby, showing up on the community streams 3 times. In the first winner’s round on the community streams he would easily overwhelm Kanbei, including a proxy nexus cannon 4gate to break Kanbei’s natural in the second map (and a second proxy nexus IN kanbei’s natural to break his main ramp, because why not at that point?). In the second round Tubby would find himself up against Quantic Gaming’s Apocalypse, once again a Korean (noticing a trend?) Terran. In the words of one of the iS managers this match would be “…one of the most intense and heart-wrenching matches I’ve ever watched.” Unfortunately this match was not shown on stream, but was an incredibly close 1-2 loss for Tubby, including a game 3 punctuated with some technical issues. Tubby would go on to meet TumescentPie in loser’s Round 2, dispatching the popular Terran streamer 2-0, including a proxy carrier rush on Derelict Watcher. Tubby would advance to face ROOT.Catz in loser’s round three, opening their match with potentially the craziest game I have seen in Heart of the Swarm to date, lasting for an hour. Tubby was unfortunately infected with disco fever as these two friends would have quite a bit of fun with each other throughout. However Tubby always seemed to choose the least opportune moments to /dance, losing units that would prove to be important as after multiple basetrades and almost 30 minutes of low eco dogfights the free units from infestors and swarmhosts would prove just barely too much for Tubby and he would tap out. The second game was also played out incredibly well from both sides, slightly more seriously than the first, but once again the close result would barely fall Catz’s way and Tubby would bow out of the tournament as well.

WCS America Qualifiers:
Unfortunately none of our members would qualify for WCS America Challenger this season though several of them would have quite impressive matches in the qualifiers against the high level of opponents. (Including the incredible amount of Korean professionals from KeSPA, ESF, and foreign teams that would show up)

Player #1 iS.Koma: In Qualifier 1 Koma would defeat Colombian player Morgue in the first round, before hitting KT Rolster’s Motive in the second round and falling to the Korean Protoss player. Koma would try his luck one more time in Qualifier 3, starting off with a strong win against Quonzar, before falling to FXO Lucky the Korean Zerg in round 2.

Player #2 iS.Tbeezy: Unfortunately Tbeezy would only be able to enter qualifier #2 for WCS America, starting off strong with wins against Kipi and JonSnow before falling to the SEA Zerg Petraeus in the third round.

Player #3 iS.Axslav: Axslav would make a rare appearance as a player when MLG gave him the chance to run amok, he would appear in Qualifier #4 beating Hyperdesi before falling to Hendralisk.

Player #4 iS.Binski: In Qualifier 2 Binski would make a strong run, pushing through a bye before taking down BoO and doudou before falling to KT Rolster’s Motive in round 4.

Player #5 iS.Tubby: Tubby would start attempting to qualify in Qualifier 2, beating AGuY before falling to EliGe. He would return for Qualifier 3, beating AuroraGoose before falling to Abstinence in round 3. For the finale Tubby would defeat EroSennin before falling to popular Chinese player Xigua in round 2.

While none of our players were satisfied with their results, they showed some very high level games against very high level players and definitely proved themselves as top level NA talent. Most importantly of all though each and every one of the players took their losses to heart and the mood around the team has been extreme motivation as each player wants to get much better before the next major event. Definitely look forward to seeing the entirety of our roster improve drastically for the next major events!

Infinity Seven goes to Anaheim!

The Return to MLG!

With the dramatic return of the MLG open bracket Infinity Seven once again makes a pilgrimage to the holy land of North American eSports. Aside from several staff members who will be in attendance and Nick ‘Axslav’ Ranish who will be doing MLG things for MLG reasons in MLG ways, Infinity Seven members will be competing in Anaheim in (almost) full force.

Our attendees include Jay ‘Tubby’ Martens, Ryan ‘Sanddbox’ Kemper, Sung Bin ‘Binski’ Lee, and Tim ‘TSexy’ Gandionco. Sorry that’s ‘Tbeezy’, I get confused sometimes. Outside of these core players Kwame ‘Temp0’ Mensah will also be attending MLG Anaheim.

For everyone who will be attending Anaheim please do not be shy to approach any Infinity Seven player or staff member you see. We’re all pretty cool people (SunnY’s note: well I’m not cool but I won’t be there so you don’t have to worry about that.) and we love interacting with everyone there, players or spectators. Don’t be afraid to ask for autographs!

Challenger #1: Jay ‘Tubby’ Martens

Tubby, or TubbytheFat as he is still sometimes known, is a Grandmaster Protoss from the wonderful land of Canada. He’s been around as a high level NA player for quite some time and after a brief break from the game has returned fully focused on MLG Anaheim and conquering its open bracket. Expect to see some wonderful games and extremely interesting compositions out of him throughout the weekend. Also if you meet him, please go up and bother him, and make sure to ask him why his name is tubby if he’s not actually fat, it’s his favourite question.

Challenger #2: Ryan ‘Sanddbox’ Kemper

Sanddbox is our youngest player in attendance, out of school for summer vacation and ready to play. He is a strong Grandmaster Zerg player and a major proponent of TheCore custom hotkey layout. He plays extremely quickly and efficiently and it really shows during his games, look forward to seeing him and make sure you don’t miss his games! If you meet Sanddbox please do go up and talk to him, ask for an autograph.


Challenger #3: Sung Bin ‘Binski’ Lee

Binski is a prolific Grandmaster Terran player who will be debuting his iS jersey for the first time at a major event in Anaheim, and he wants to start his tenure with Infinity Seven off very successfully. Watch out for every type of style from Binski, from aggression to turtling, micro to macro, cheese to eco cheese, don’t look away from his games or you may miss something you’ve never seen before. If you have a chance to talk to him be extremely nice, because he’s just that awesome.


Challenger #4: Tim ‘Tbeezy’ Gandionco

TbeezyTbeezy is only not the noobie on the team thanks to the signing of Binski, and our second newest terran has a lot of work on his hands to represent his school UC Davis well along with our team at Anaheim. Even though the challenge of every MLG is great Tbeezy has the skills to rise to the challenge (also to pay the bills) on the back of some extremely sick micro. His game doesn’t end with micro though and anyone who assumes so is in for a big surprise, be prepared to watch him for some incredibly entertaining games and moments of disbelief. If you run into Tbeezy, just remember, flattery gets you everywhere.

Special Guest: Kwame ‘Temp0’ Mensah

An extremely popular singer and entertainer, Temp0 has recently enjoyed some ladder hardship, falling out of diamond in the latest season and into platinum, but he’s easily Masters level in a rap battle, grandmasters in personality, and has a heart of gold, and now my league metaphor falls apart because he doesn’t have much in the way of silver and bronze. (you can always fix that by giving him stuff at Anaheim!) It’ll be hard to miss Temp0 at the event, and if you do see him he would love it if you would talk to him!

Oh wait! The Casters!

If you won’t be able to attend Anaheim (SunnY’s Note: I can’t go either, I feel your pain) you can still have your fill of Anaheim Infinity Seven action by watching two members of our team casting the event in all their glory. Axslav will be at the event casting all weekend, while everyone’s pal Zoia will be casting one of the community streams, be sure to look out for a support them lots as they’re both very talented casters, and just all around nice people!


Follow the team:

Many thanks to our sponsors!

Infinity Seven Picks Up Binski!

In honour of summer, iS has once again splashed into the pool of available North American talent by adding Sung-Bin “binski” Lee! Binski is a fairly popular American Terran player probably best known for his time on team LighT and his showings in MLG.

During his time on team LighT Binski performed consistently at major MLG events, often barely missing out on the championship bracket. Coming through the open brackets in 2011 he would miss championship Sunday by only a round or two, but in 2012 he earned a place in the MLG Raleigh groups, starting out strong by defeating GanZi 2-0, he would later fall to a succession of Koreans in close fought matches, including a 2-1 versus the Korean Protoss Killer in the Championship bracket. In later 2012 tournaments he would show his prowess as a top level North American by taking out EG’s InControl and Demuslim in a row before barely losing to Suppy just one round from MLG Fall Championship’s championship bracket.

However outside of premier tournaments Binski has repeatedly shown his mettle against the North American scene, most notably with his Collegiate Starleague team from the University of North Texas. In the 5th season of the CSL in 2011-2012 Binski would help UNT go through a tough bracket into the playoff finals against the University of Washington in which UNT would scrape out a 4-3 win. He would also help as the coordinator for UNT in the Azubu Collegiate Champions season in the fall of 2012 where UNT would reach a very respectable RO16 in the playoffs.

Binski had this to say on joining iS-
“I want to thank infinity Seven for signing me on. I’m practicing hard and I hope I can show good games in the future while having the iS tag. I miss the camaraderie I had with Team LighT, but after talking with ktsalz and TubbyTheFat, I think I’ll enjoy being on iS. Ggglhf”
–Sung-bin “binski” Lee

We here at iS hope Binski can be extremely successful and enjoy his time on this team as much as he enjoyed his time on LighT. (if not more!)

To see some epic Terran action please tune into Binski’s twitch stream at , and for updates from the player himself follow him on twitter at . Also check out his latest replay pack here:  .

And for more on Binski and every other player and personality on our team please check out team iS on infinityseven.net, on Twitter at , on Facebook at  and on YouTube at where you can find awesome casted games and our ‘‘ series which will give you a close look into all of our players and personalities!

**Special thanks to / for the use of the photo of binski with his CSL team.

Infinity Seven Welcomes Two New Members!

Infinity Seven is pleased to officially welcome two new members to its family today! On the player front iS is incredibly happy to announce the signing of Terran Tim “Tbeezy” Gandionco, while on the staff front we have signed Jared “Zoia” Eggleston as a Content Producer.

TbeezyTbeezy is a promising American Grandmaster Terran from California most known for his involvement with University of California-Davis’ Collegiate Starleague team and overall esports scene. As a 21 year old Mechanical Engineering major Tim has led UCD to some incredibly solid results in the CSL, including having them qualified for the final 8 teams in CSL’s current March Madness tournament. As president of UCD’s starcraft club he’s been heavily involved in both running the CSL team itself, featuring players like Spanishiwa, as well as events and get-togethers of a more casual club variety.

Tim has made it clear that he wants to drive UCD to even greater heights in the CSL than ‘merely’ top 8 and qualifying through the first qualifier along with University of California Berkeley is a great first step, expect to see Tim featured on CSL streams during Davis’ matches as the tournament continues. In fact his impressive performances in the CSL was a large influence in iS’ scouting of him. He becomes the second player on the team scouted largely through CSL involvement, joining Rutger’s Mike on the roster as collegiate stars.

The team has been very happy and excited at Tim’s joining and have thoroughly enjoyed his company during his trial period, with glowing recommendations from several players and managers he was an easy choice to add to the team.

“First off I want to thank Infinity Seven for giving me this opportunity to compete for their professional Starcraft II Team. My main goal as a member of Infinity Seven is to not only win a major tournament but also improve as a player. I’ve gotten this far practicing and improving by myself, working with Infinity Seven can only promise bigger and better outcomes. I’m looking forward to showing everybody what I’ve got!”
- Tim “Tbeezy” Gandionco

You can watch Tim’s games soon during UCD matches in the CSL and also during major tournament events that will be announced as they happen, but as that is not nearly often enough to be exposed to someone with Tim’s personality you can also catch his stream at ! Please do tune in, you won’t be disappointed!

As exciting as Tim’s signing is to everyone involved in the organization we would be remiss to not mention Zoia in more detail. Jared “Zoia” Eggleston has joined as a content producer to help our players grow both as players and presences in the StarCraft scene. He also produces content of his own on his stream at !

Jared felt is was very important that people hear his words on his plans for the team and so I will leave his section to him.

– Jared “Zoia” Eggleston

Oh I am terribly sorry that’s the wrong quote.

“I am very excited to be apart of the Infinity Seven family! I have several friends on this team so I know joining it will be a blast. What you can expect over the next several months from myself and the rest of the team is loads and loads of content. Much more will be done than casting. Expect lots of great things from this team!”
-Jared “Zoia” Eggleston

On the topic of great things from the team, the first big content project is our brand new ! Featuring a game from our brand new player casted by our brand new content producer!

Keep checking Infinity Seven’s website for updates on all this new content as well as all of our players results!

iS Hwaiting!

[Be sure to follow  and  on twitter!]

Before I’m totally forgotten by everyone, Infinity Seven has also brought a new writer on board to bring you guys all of the epic news and outstanding updates that you can imagine! You can expect to see lots of articles from… well from me! Yay! I will also be using my insight to start a series of articles exploring some of the more theoretical or abstract areas of Starcraft play that you can expect on www.infinityseven.net starting soon(tm)*! You can find my name on this post if you’re that curious!

*Disclaimer: Soon is the intellectual property of Blizzard and the use of the word in this article is not endorsed by Blizzard in any way which hopefully means I am free to actually release the content at a point in time that actually exists.

**Special thanks to for use of his photo of Zoia, and to for the last minute help with the banner! 

Zemotion featured on Climbing The Ladder

Infinity Seven’s owner was brought on as a guest for this week’s episode of ChanmanV’s ‘Climbing The Ladder’ to discuss photography in eSports. She was joined by (Team Liquid photographer), (DreamHack photographer), and (ESFI photographer) to discuss an array of topics ranging from how they got started in the industry, the problems they’re faced with, and what their end goals are.

For those unfamiliar with Climbing The Ladder, it is a weekly eSports show hosted by and that discusses the ins and outs of competitive gaming. You can find more info and previous VoDs on their .

Temp0′s new song

After iS.Temp0 released “” 5 months ago, it has been unusually quiet around this East Coast star. While all of his parody songs are insta-classics, it still couldn’t hurt to get more awesome content from our musical hero. So when he asked for memorable 2012 moments to create a new masterpiece, we were thrilled.

And as it turned out we had all reason to be! Temp0 released (a remix of Asher Roth’s G.R.I.N.D)and it surpassed all of his previous work.

Using an enormous string of cuts from the SC2 scene over the last year, Temp0 uses the new song to send a clear message: lay down the pitchforks and celebrate the awesomeness that is Starcraft 2 together. Whether it is the tears in the eyes of Liquid’Hero losing or Ganzi’s Gangnam Style live performance, the game has so much to give that we would be fools for doing anything but enjoying it immensely.

Watch Temp0′s new song along with his older work on his .

Insur’s latest achievements

As November progressed the world has seen a lot of StarCraft 2 action. And with great competition come great players: for InfinitySeven it was our own Sky “Insur” Xu who showed his skills. First there was MLG Dallas, where he signed up for the notoriously hard open bracket. Our Protoss star made it to the finals of the winner bracket by beating EG’s DeMuslim in the semi’s. After a loss to DeMu’s teammate Thorzain he found himself fighting Liquid’Sheth for a spot in the championship bracket, where he beat the North American Zerg 2-0. On Championship Sunday he had the bad fortune to be matched up against the Korean pro LG-IM First, and his glorious run ended.

The pinnacle of all the StarCraft 2 action came halfway through the month however, with the Blizzard World Championships being played out in Shanghai, China. By being top 6 at the North American Continental Finals Insur had ensured himself of a spot among the 32 best players worldwide to go to China. Accompanied by Nick “Axslav” Ranish who would be doing some casting action, Insur travelled to the Far East to compete with the best of the best. He faced tough competition in FXO Lowely, against whom he lost his first series. He then had the chance to go up against the Brazilian Protoss player Levin, where he won in an easy 2-0 fashion. Then the deciding match came down to a rematch versus the European Zerg Lowely.

In this nailbiting best of three the games were very close indeed. During the first game on Daybreak, Insur was ahead for most of the game, but in the eventual Broodlord/Infestor vs Mothership engagement Lowely was able to neural the Protoss’ main weapon. Quickly dropping two vortexes meant the end of the first game. Insur would rally and win the second game convincingly with some early aggression, but then lose the third game and therefore the series. He still walked away with a top 24 placement at the WORLD Finals, and a cool $3,500.

Many congratulations to Sky for doing so well this last month!

Pyre Leaves Infinity Seven

Jonathan “Pyre” Topielski will be departing from Infinity Seven today as a mutual agreement between both parties. A very solid player with numerous achievements for such a young player, Pyre will be continuing his Starcraft 2 career. We wish him nothing but the best of luck in his future interests. Below is a statement regarding his leave.


I’d like to thank everyone at Infinity Seven for allowing me to develop into the strong North American player that I am today. The players, staff, and sponsors have helped me to grow not only as a player, but also as a person. Nonetheless, I feel that it is in my best interest to change directions at this time, as my goals and intentions shift.  I am sad to leave, but I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


  • Power Overwhelming 5 — 1st
  • Place Power Overwhelming 6 — 1st Place
  • MLG Raleigh 2012 — LB Round 5
  • MLG Columbus 2012 — LB Round 7 (losing to GSL player Polt)

Temp0 and Kibbelz join team Infinity Seven

A wonderful day here at Infinity Seven as we kick off the autumn months this year with two awesome additions to the family – Kwame “Temp0″ Mensah and Andrew ”Kibbelz” Dunne! We’ve been searching far and wide for the best additions possible to the team and both of these fellow e-sport fans are the choices to play the part. Temp0 is a highly respected figure in the music and entertainment side of Starcraft 2 having made his fame through parodies of songs using references from the game while Kibbelz has been recognized as the primary Playhem caster for their daily events which have recently become increasingly popular with the community, but has also casted for MLG, Dreamhack among smaller tournaments on top of recently working with IPL as a Starcraft 2 caster.

Temp0 will be doing some live streaming as well as casting here and there while he also creates music videos as he’s been known to do. Kibbelz will also be doing his thing, casting our players’ replays and analyzing what others can learn from them. We look forward to working with them and will push forward the organization with interesting content in the very near future as promised. Please help us in welcoming both Temp0 and Kibbelz!

A statement from Temp0:
Becoming someone who could bring the community fun, good vibes and entertainment has been a love of mine for the past few years. I’ve always felt that I could expand my skills, knowledge and grasp of the game, but lacked any structured way to do so. When Jingna asked if I would be interested in being a part of the iS family, I was really excited! It’s funny because I first ran into Jingna about a year ago at NASL1, and we ended up randomly getting dinner at Denny’s with a few others. This is definitely a great opportunity to grow as a person, help grow the team, and represent something bigger than just myself.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, iS, and eSports!

A statement from Kibbelz:
Being on Infinity Seven has been a dream of mine for some time. It began during my days with Playhem; I was watching Axslav, CrazyMoving, Pyre, Mentalist, or Honor use innovative, fun strategies to consistently place very well in the brackets. My love grew with, lest we forget to mention, the team’s excellent choice of attire… oh my do those shirts look good! As I came to know more members of iS, I realized how much their core values aligned with my own. So, in choosing a team to work with as eSports continues to grow, well.. there really was no choice. I could not be more excited to be working with Infinity Seven, and am extremely happy to be joining the team.

Kibbelz’s Twitter: 
Temp0′s Twitter: 

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